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RHA voted to give themselves power to increase stipends; gave themselves $2000/semester raises. : gatech

CoursesOMSCS ...

The fees

Why does notes need contact and phone access to sync? ...

Georgia Tech sent me a wallet-sized version of my diploma.

Hoping to get opinion on MCIT (Master of Computer and Information Technology) : UPenn

I am on my 9th year at Georgia Tech about to get my PhD in Computer Science at the end of Fall 2015. Ask me anything. I'll answer them in an hour.


... companies; 19.

[D] 16 months to prepare for a Masters application in ML: what to do? : MachineLearning

(and still learning); 55.


Sample Plots in Pandas


Reflection on Session http://www.slido.com with #T171 ...

Georgia Tech offers Online Master of Science in Analytics, < $10,000 : OMSCS

Here is a nice template for a resignation letter.


[N] 'We can't compete': why universities are losing their best AI scientists : MachineLearning


[Shitpost] My last Bayesian Stats assignment was ...

... 28.

Georgia Tech plans next steps for online master's degree in computer science

What's going on?? by worldtrav3ller in gatech

All done

“children living with one genetic parent and one stepparent are roughly 40 times more likely to be abused than children living with both genetic parents.


I'm so ahead of my time ...


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Is the correct department code for TOEFL scores critical for OMSCS application? : OMSCS



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What a good ...

Pick 2 of AI, ML, RL, and GA. What would be least challenging combo? : OMSCS

Georgia Tech's OMSCS: The Cyber Pioneer

Ask During the Session http://www.slido.com with #T171 ...

Do you guys like to play Geoguessr? Played for the first time in a while and I'm pretty happy with my result! (full disclosure: I used google search to ...

Many questions to cover

So this is supposed to be a rewards punch card for a kindergarten student, ...


My Thoughts on Georgia Tech's OMSCS (Online Master of Science in Computer Science)

Photo by Ashleigh Bunch


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First of all, I'm grateful to Ashok, the professor for the course (and my PhD adviser) and to the students in the course for their unbelievably kind words ...




Look at this jigsaw of an "Italian View" my friend is doing.

... Georgia Tech College of Computing Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for my work on the Fall 2014 Knowledge-Based AI class in the OMSCS.

Looks like online students can have their BuzzCard shipped to them now : OMSCS

Rebecca's eyes aren't even the biggest problem.

Life After the Army: How OMSCS Helped One Soldier Achieve His Dreams

Reddit Memes Dataset

Georgia Tech's OMSCS (s2e2) Proctortrack

Computer Science Degree Georgia Tech Images

OMSCS 6310 Software Architecture and Design

Download figure · Download PowerPoint

... 39.

The findings are part of HiringSolved's larger study in which a team of analysts set out to identify the top skills and backgrounds of 2017's most-wanted ...

Computer Science Degree Arizona


The 0-60 in 1.9 is just base model?


Post ...

creative writing n

Professional Computer Science B.S. Degree - Online for Post-Bacc Students | Electrical Engineering and

... 61.

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